Thursday, June 4, 2009

Housing... or Where the heck are we going to live?

One of the BIG THINGS about the move was the complication of finding a place to live.

Since neither of us had ever been to Knoxville (or Tennessee for that matter) we didn't really want to just sign a lease blindly, without seeing the apartment. We don't know what area of the city we want to live in, especially since we've heard some areas are a little seedier than others. Taking a trip to the area was out of the question... for a while we didn't even know if we would have the money to get us and our stuff out to TN, so extra plane tickets weren't in the picture.

But we are blessed... God has provided what seems like a pretty wonderful solution. A lot of UT students travel home for the summer, and they sublet their apartments. We found an apartment that we are subletting for June and July. We won't move in until July, but we wouldn't have been able to find a place without paying for both months. So we're paying for 2 months and living there for one... and rent for both months combined will be about half of what we pay in LA for our apartment monthly! It will definitely be an adventure since it is a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other girls living there, but we will have our own bathroom and bedroom. At least it's only for a month.

While we are living there, we will hopefully find an apartment to rent, and we'll be able to move in the beginning of August!

Praise God for having somewhere to go when the car rolls into Knoxville in a month! We leave in 25 days!

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  1. I'm so glad you are blogging about the journey! When I first saw the post, I got scared that you guys already moved, haha! Congratulations on fidning a place :)