Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cabin Fever... is it Spring yet?

The bread was a success. It's also gone. Yum. I wish I had more time to make more of our food from scratch. It's scary to me to think how much preservatives and dyes I put in my body without even considering it. I think I'll try to bake a loaf of bread each month or so, to try to reduce the preservatives a bit. The bread obviously doesn't stay fresh as long as store-bought bread, but that's ok... it just means we have to eat more of it. And it's so delicious, that isn't hard. Plus, staler bread works well for toast!

I now understand the meaning of cabin fever. There is a definite effect on my kids from being cooped up inside for the last few weeks. We haven't played on the playground since I've been back for Christmas, but I think tomorrow is the day... it's supposed to be up to 50 degrees here!

In Carr household news, we are progressing very well on the furniture front. Yesterday, we bought a couch (our first new couch) and a coffee table at a wonderful wholesale furniture store (very inexpensive prices... attractive pieces). Today, we bought a vacuum cleaner, an important item when you have an allergic husband and all carpet. We were sad when we had to leave our vacuum in California, but it just wouldn't fit in our car. So it's finally been replaced! And we found an amazing used bookstore very close to us... stacks of books, two cats, and all!

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