Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caught red-handed!

Being a preschool teacher, I say the same things repeatedly, day in and day out. Much like a parent, but I have seven children, all the same age. So about 75 times a day, I say (quite automatically) "Use your words, please"... "Go get a tissue if you need to wipe your nose"... "Do you need to go potty?"... "Put your bottom in your chair please"... "Use your spoon/ fork"... "Let's make these dinosaurs play nice and use them to give hugs instead of hitting" (yes, I DO say that last one alot, don't ask)

Anyways, today we had a substitute program director, which means the amazing woman who puts our food out and magically knows which utensil will be best for my kids was gone. It's usually easier to just give them spoons, but today they got forks for very messy food. So, I took away all their forks and gave them spoons, with lots of admonishments to please USE said utensils instead of grabbing handfuls of runny mac and cheese.

Of course, with the extra fork usage, all there was left for me was a spoon. When I finally sat down to eat, 10 minutes after we got in the lunchroom (what with all the utensil swapping, pouring milk, scooting chairs, etc) I was hurried. I went to eat my salad, realized I only had a spoon, and decided to go for it anyways. As a huge piece of lettuce started to slip off my spoon, I caught it with my index finger and slipped it in my mouth. Not something I would do at Buckingham Palace, but fine for preschool lunch. Or so I thought. Until I heard from one of my youngest boys (who had a fistful of pinto beans), "Miss Melissa... please use your spoon."

At least they hear me.

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