Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apartment 9203

I can't believe I haven't posted about Knoxville yet!

Well, actually I can. We got here last Saturday, didn't actually sleep in the apartment until Sunday night, and then we could not figure out how to use the Internets. We had no wireless signal that appeared to be the free Internet. So we were forced to try the burger chain Krystal (not worth it...) for their free wi-fi. It was just like living in LA, except we couldn't even walk to the Internet! But then last night, I was laying on the bed melting from the heat, and I looked down and said "HEY! What is that box?? Is that the Internets?" And behold, in true 2003 style, the box on the wall was the Internet. And life has been a lot more glorious since then.

Other than the Internet thing, the apartment has been pretty decent. It's a four bedroom apartment, and each bedroom has it's own bathroom. The bedrooms are pretty small, but livable. There are two other girls living here. The one who lives here year-round is pretty MIA. We've only seen her twice in the five days we've been here, and haven't talked to her at all. She seems ambivalent at best about our presence. But the other girl is darling. Her name is Michiko, and she's here from Japan for two months. We've gotten to talk to her several times. We help her with the English words she can't find in dictionary, and with pronunciation and grammar. We've had such fun conversations with her talking about Japan and sharing our experiences of moving to Knoxville from very different places. She's delighted that Scott has been to Kyoto, where she's from. So we're definitely looking forward to hanging out with her this month!

God's blessed us with a good apartment situation for sure.

Scott is out of town from today until Tuesday afternoon, so I have some serious time to myself this weekend. I took today to be totally lazy and stay in the room and watch TV and read blogs. I'm going to bed early, and then tomorrow morning I am going to wake up and start applying to jobs!

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