Friday, July 17, 2009


We have made progress on one of two important fronts!

Today we went and turned in our application for the apartment we want. It's a great little place in Western Knoxville (the newer side of town). We decided this year to go with a small, inexpensive place. The apartment is not large (730-ish square feet) but it will be great for us. The living room was a decent size so we can at least have people over. It has a little porch, and they said we can garden around it.

We really liked the apartment complex. It is very large, with brick buildings and lots of open grass spaces. There's a big pool, lighted tennis courts, an exercise room and four laundry rooms. It's within walking distance of a grocery store and a mall. One of the decisive factors was that the staff was so friendly! You know, you can kind of tell when a staff member is being friendly just to get you to sign a lease, and when they are truly a friendly and fun person? We just got the vibe that the people who worked there were having a lot of fun. They were having Resident Appreciation Week when we were there. We first toured on Rootbeer Float day, and the woman who showed us around made sure we got some floats. Next month they're having a big pool party with a DJ and catered barbecue.

So, we turned in our application. We still have to get all the background checks done, and get our finances in order to show them that we are able to pay for rent, and all that... but hopefully, the apartment will be ours! As soon as we know, I'll let you all know so you can get the address for us.

Now, I can spend more of my time trying to find a job! Please be praying that God would favor me in this area, since things have not been encouraging so far!

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