Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Another Lazy Day Afternoon

I had my first taste of Southern church today. Honestly, it was less Footloose than I had pictured. It was a pretty traditional church (Methodist), so it was not like much I've experienced in the last few years. But there were very friendly people, and old ladies dressed up with hats and skirts and nylons, and a lot of food like doughnuts and sausage balls, so the South did not disappoint.

Also lived through my first thunderstorm. Well, I've been in them before, but never at my place of residence. It was always on vacation (with my parents), so it was always novel and awesome and we could play a family game. Today it was more like "I'm stuck in my bedroom and I'm all alone and if lightning comes through that electrical outlet, into the TV, out the antenna, through these keys sitting 2 feet beside me, and into my head, no one will know that I died." Maybe I should stop googling lightning safety websites and looking at the freaky possible scenarios. The thunder was pretty loud but didn't last too long. I don't think the storm passed directly overhead, but it still freaked me out. The rain afterward was intense and awesome though. I like living somewhere that gets rain more than 3.6 times a year.

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