Saturday, July 11, 2009

Further Up and Further In


- At the coaxing of my fantastic Mother-In-Law, I went to the farmer's market. It's downtown in Market Square, which is less than a mile's walk. The produce isn't as varied and delicious-looking as SoCal, but what can you do? It was fun to walk around and see everything.

- It was noon and dreadfully warm, so I tried Rita's for the first time. Delicious pina colada italian ice for less than $3. MMMMM. Sat on a park bench and watched people.

- Walked around downtown. Found the visitor's center, where they broadcast a radio station and have free concerts every weekday at noon.

- Ran into Michiko right as I was walking into the apartment. She was cooking, so we talked for a while. We ended up hanging out for 3 hours and watching Memoirs of a Geisha, which we both really enjoyed.

- Applied to five more jobs. None looked thrilling, but all would pay some bills!

- Facebooked. Emailed. Read. Made dinner. Read blogs.

So, it's the most adventurous solo day I've had yet. I think I've become so used to having Scott around that I was scared to do things without him, whereas before we were married I think I would have been less timid about just doing stuff alone. I miss him bundles but I'm starting to thank God for some of the alone time I have.

Tomorrow, I'm going to church with one of Scott's family friends. She's a grandma but she says she talked to some 'young people' at church who said I can sit with them! It's the type of thing that I'd usually try to find some excuse to avoid out of shyness, but my Knoxville Melissa was bold to accept the opportunity, and I'm actually pretty excited about it! I've determined to make an attempt with anyone who reaches out socially here. And here's opportunity #1. After tomorrow, I will know more than 2 people in Knoxville!

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