Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The journey thus far...

Well, we're 2/5 of the way there! We are currently at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. This is our main detour... Scott spent the summer here 3 years ago and loved it so much that we all had to come see it. It's absolutely gorgeous here. We are at 8000 feet, and every direction you look there are huge peaks around you... up to 13 or 14,000 feet. It's crazy, you'd think we were at sea level from how huge the mountains around us are. They all have snow on them too... in July!

So far the drive has been pretty fun. I have entertained myself by keeping our travel log. I have taken a picture out the front of the window every ten minutes, and have written a blurb for each one in my journal. Between that and navigating and reading some blogs and eating candy, I haven't been bored. I haven't fallen asleep once on the drive, and if you know me, that is an AMAZING feat. I will post a link later tonight to the first of our pictures/journals later tonight, hopefully.

Getting out of LA was exciting... Tom and Lori (Scott's parents) had a nail in their tire, when we were ready to leave. So our first stop was a Tire Depot to get that fixed. But that has been the only ordeal so far. It's been smooth sailing. The first day, LA to Green River Utah, was rather warm. I think it got up to 115 degrees outside or something. But amazingly, our air conditioning worked! That is a huge accomplishment for our car. The scenery in Arizona and Utah were so interesting. I can't even describe it. Green River was fine, although I had heard it was awful. It had a very comfortable Holiday Inn, which was the best thing ever after 700 miles of driving.

The second day of the drive was breathtaking. Up, up, up the mountains. I had never seen the Rockies before, so needless to say I am enamored. It's a majestic area. I love all the rivers and streams. And the best part of it all... the car made it up the hill. We have the car packed so full that you could not fit one more thing in the back or the trunk. It is so low to the ground! The car is so heavy, and it goes rather slow up the hills... but we made it.

We will sleep well tonight, and then off to Hays, Kansas for tomorrow. Now, I will get the Flickr stream up for our pictures!

I miss you all so much!

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